Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base, Kuwait
July 2015- Jan 2016

Photos by Saimee Rab (IG: @gruntsbbq)

'Much like empty concrete in a big city, the T walls always seemed like a canvass to me.  I love to sketch, but never thought I could do one.  So the more I saw them, the more amazed I was at what was pictured.  The art itself was always cool, but knowing the back story behind it is even better.  Sometimes I'd look at a unit logo and think of a brother or sister we lost, sometimes I'd read the names of who was there first, and find the guys who were with me, as we would know the people behind the names.  I also enjoyed learning something completely new.  You see a unit logo you know nothing about, and it prompts you to learn about another country, another unit's history, or sometimes you even get that little tickle and think "maybe I should be a part of that".  I ended up designing some patches, which were well received, but that was the extent of my own art work.'

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