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Submit Deployment Art


Please contribute an item to The War Murals Project Archiving platform:


Please follow the link above to contribute to the collection of over 3,000 photos of deployment art and war graffiti that has been shared with the project. To streamline the submission and posting of photos, we have taken down our original submission form and our now asking that your photos are submitted on the Omeka publishing platform designed for archiving and sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits. Slowly, we will work to migrate the photos on this site to the new site that has the benefit of being searchable and mappable. 

If you have large albums you wish to share, or if you have questions, comments, or feedback on how we can improve, please email the project at or message us on social media and we will work to accomodate you.s

Submission guidelines:
• Keep posts related to artwork, memorials and murals created in a deployed location during the War on Terror
• Unrelated and inappropriate content will be deleted.
• Advertisements, spamming, memes, and gifs will be deleted.

• Content which violates OPSEC or contains sensative PII will be deleted or moditied.

• All perspectives are valued and important. This project is not about “patriotism” or “activism,” it is about sharing art and the powerful and important experiences it represents.

• Within the boundaries of good taste in a community forum, tell use about the art and your experience related to it.


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