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Joint Base Balad (LSA Anaconda), Iraq 2009 - 2010
Photo by James Ball
Posted with permission

This gallery archives the work of James Ball and his thorough 564 page book he first published in 2016:

 T-Walls Of Joint Base Balad (LSA Anaconda), Iraq

James' Intro:

'T-walls are concrete barriers (typically 12 feet tall in the shape of an inverted T) that are used to protect people and property from the blast of incoming rocket and mortar attacks. T-walls surrounded all buildings on the base including cafeterias, sleeping quarters, the base theater, etc. 

The sheer number and amazing quality of the drawing and paintings on the T-walls is amazing. I wanted to document these T-walls and other art (e.g. unit wall hangings in the cafeterias or some type of 3-D sculptures) derived from the many servicemembers who have been stationed on this base. 
The idea for this book was conceived soon after landing in Joint Base Balad, Iraq. I was one member of a Red Cross team sent to Balad to deliver emergency communications between the families at home and deployed service members. 

The book is designed to be searched for military units and the names of service members on the wall. Each page of a T-Wall contains the photograph and any unit names or names of servicemembers; these are written below each photograph. This text is searchable. The book is free. I have added the table of contents for anyone to see if their T-wall is included in the book.'


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