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The Project

The idea behind this site is to create a space to document, preserve, and discuss the art and stories of those who have served in the ongoing conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan. The painted T-Walls and barriers of the Middle East are ubiquitous downrange but are frequently overlooked and quickly ignorned once the original artist return home. We now have thousands of these murals scattered across the world that are left in a state of decay to fade away in the harsh deserts of Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond. Many are already gone forever and many more are likely only survive in photographs as a quick snapshot of what was a life changing experience.

Please join me in collecting these images and sharing these memories. With time, I hope to take this further to restore the images of faded murals and promote the idea of using these T-Walls as a easily adaptable war memorial at local armories, city parks, and VFWs for those who served during the War on Terror and beyond.

More to Follow,


A faded T-Wall mural fading away and decaying in the desert.

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